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“First off, Caroline’s food is SUPERB!! Caroline was with our family on a long weekend trip to the coast and every meal and snack was a genuine pure joy! While I’m certain any meal she turns her hands to would be first rate I enjoyed the fact she made us meals that I ordinarily wouldn’t choose off a menu in a restaurant, and without doubt what she cooked was better than if I had been! Caroline cooked us a Lamb and Lentil dish one afternoon that was so delicious I’m worried it might have ruined all future food for me, I just need more of it! Further to her wonderful cooking she is a really lovely person to be around. She felt like part of the family and is so interesting, warm and funny. She was also great with the kids and very empathic to our constantly changing plans. Caroline’s knowledge of nutrition and her ability to explain it is really inspiring and I would encourage anyone to talk to her about it. Thank you Caroline for a wonderful weekend of great company and some of the best food I have ever eaten.”

E.Hopkins May 2021

" Caroline cooked for us for 4 days over the May Bank holiday catering for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

She was absolutely fabulous. Her knowledge and cooking skills, which she shared with my whole family, including a 2 year old were a pure joy to experience. I cannot recommend her highly enough, and will definitely use her again.

Top job Caroline, well done!"

Eddie Fleming May 2021

"Caroline is an excellent cook. She provided delicious, varied food for us, easily taking in her stride the many challenges that cooking on a remote island on the west coast of Scotland entails. When there was no fish or meat on the island for two days, she made do, and no one even noticed. In fact, nothing was ever a problem with Caroline, be that the ten more guests for lunch, declared only at 11am, naughty children stealing food from the kitchen, a barbecue on the side of a mountain in the pouring rain, she managed it all, and with great good humour. She kept the kitchen very clean and tidy and the other household staff loved her, as did we. We couldn’t recommend Caroline enough."

Violet Vestey Aug 2020

"Caroline’s food is delicious. She is a fantastic cook with such versatility from family suppers to large formal dinner parties. She is always calm under pressure, incredibly organized and efficient and the whole family loves having her around. Her menus are really interesting-both nutritious, healthy and always with a twist! At every opportunity we would work with Caroline."

E.Collins, Private Household, Kings Langley

We had the most wonderful 3 days reunion in February, with six friends and Caroline was our chef. She cooked the most delicious and imaginative food and also managed to be part of the fun too. The food was beautifully presented and all service was with a smile and a sense of fun which matched our own. The kitchen was left in a perfect state and I know we would all like her to cook for us again. 

Pam and Tim Marshall February 2019

"Caroline  worked with us for a very intense and demanding shooting season on a 6 month contract, live in. Caroline is an exceptionally lovely person - important in our hospitality industry!  A great team player she slotted into the position within our family business with ease, quickly establishing herself as an invaluable part of our existing small and friendly team.  She always offered that little bit extra, offering to help and support where she could and beyond her remit. Fit and energetic she brought an encouraging optimism and can-do attitude to her work which has a positive affect on any team she works with.  She takes a real delight in her cooking and in making food for her clients - that shows in the cooking itself, which is always colourful and delicious and often with a healthy approach."  

I.Barnes, Haddeo shoot.

“Caroline was a magician in the kitchen” Tony

“Having enjoyed Caroline’s cuisine on several occasions, I am astonished at the high level of gastronomy.  My friends still talk about it. Bravo et merci!” 

Jean-Pierre Blandin, May 2019

“Caroline is a great find- so tall and beautiful and the most amazing cook - and never phased by working in a galley on a boat - always so happy and friendly.” 

Tania, Hebrides Cruises

“All the crew, including our superb chef, Caroline, could not have been more charming, helpful and pleasant to spend time with. From the outset Caroline was enthusiastic, flexible and a fabulous chef. She was incredibly organised and a pleasure to have around.”

Jenny, Hebrides Cruises

“Caroline’s cooking was up to Masterchef standard and lunches will never be the same again.” 

Nick and Diana, Hebrides Cruises

“The food was of Michelin Star quality throughout the cruise and Caroline took so much care to provide alternatives for guests who required gluten and cow-free diets - she rose to this challenge wonderfully every day.”

David and Gill, Hebrides Cruises


“Good food is an essential element of any holiday for us and each meal prepared by Caroline was imaginative and simply delicious!”

John and Gill, Hebrides Cruises


“Caroline was first class and unflappable. A pleasure to have in our household over Christmas.” Michael

“I have never seen a chef work so hard and with so much energy as Caroline.”


“Caroline’s love and passion for food is evident by the quality and presentation of the dishes she produces.”

J. Fairbairns, Captain, Hebrides Cruises.


“What I admire about Caroline is her flexibility and unflappability as well as her ability to produce beautiful meals in a small confined space.”

Sven Stewart, Captain, Fjord Adventures

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